A guide to botting in Hearthstone

I want to make a little guide and share some tips on botting in HS, mainly for new players and unexperienced botters in general.

There will be no rocket science here. Simple things of how to use the bot properly, safely and efficient as much as possible.

1. Don’t bot to get the legendary rank

At the current state of all Hearthstone bots, it is almost impossible to hit the legend, simply because they aren’t that advanced yet.

Although the bots and their AI is smart to get you a high percentage of wins every day, it isn’t smart enough to beat the best high ranked players.

The difference between rank 20-5 and 5-legend is enormous, don’t get your hopes high just because you’re easily climbing the ladder at rank 10 for instance.

You will be dissapointed.

2. Don’t hit the gold cap.

This might sound weird, but try to understand how Blizzard detection might work and how its trying to catch the botters.

If I were them it would be obvious to highlight all the players who reach the daily 100 gold limit, for further investigation,

simply because almost all of the botters gets capped. That’s the main purpose of botting for most of us.

Just set the bot to log off after 24-27 wins. 10-20 gold won’t make a difference, but it might save you in a long run.

3. Don’t hug rank 20 and auto concede after win.

It was very popular to stay at the lowest rank possible and farm gold this way, because the percentage of bad, or newbie players was the highest,

thus the win rate was higher as well. But many regular players nowadays are getting familliar with the behaviour of botters, which results in more and more reports.

Auto concede looks very suspicious, just remember that.

4. Use rush/midrange decks to bot.

It’s a waste of time to bot with control decks. There are 2 reasons for that.

1st is obviously the speed. By the time you finish the game with your control deck, that goes through every card draw, you could play 2-3 games with a rush decks.

You have to understand the very important thing about botting in Hearthstone, it’s not the win ratio that matters the most. Wins per hour is more important.

I’d rather have an average deck which gives me 5 wins from 10 games in 1 hour, than a deck with perfect 3/3 in 1 hour. Do you get my point?

2nd bad thing of playing control deck is the fact bot will not handle them properly. Playing a deck which require more skill will just result in more missplays because like I said earlier the bots are simply not that sophisticated yet.

5. Don’t create the deck to bot with.

This is mainly for newbies. I strongly suggest to use a sites like http://www.hearthpwn.com/ to read about classes, decks and meta changes.

Such sites will tell you which decks and classes are the most viable this season and therefore the best for you to bot with.

Remember the previous point and go with tempo decks.

6. Take your time to make familiar with the bot.

I think it’s obvious and I don’t need to explain it’s very important that you know every feature of the bot and how to set things up.

7. Randomization is the key.

SmartBot has many options you can set on your own, hovering, thinking time, emotes etc.

Make sure to set them the way you like. It’s very important for us, that other players won’t see our behaviour as a pattern.

If all of us go with bot playing with the exact same breaks and actions, it might be easily noticable.

8. Don’t be greedy.

Running the bot for x hours every day at the same hours is not a good idea. Remember that such activity might also be monitored by Blizzard and could flag your account.

If you must grind for gold each day, make it look more human like and use a break plugin in the bot.

9. Handle your quests wisely.

People forget that apart of getting a new quest every day, you can also delete one of your quests once a day, which result in getting a brand new one instead.

This way you can replace a 40 gold quest with 60, or even 100 gold one. You can have a maximum of 3 quests at once, so there is no need to do 40 one right away.

Take your time and wait to replace it on the next day.

10. Don’t accept/decline friend invitations.

Every player can add you as a friend by knowing your battletag, or just after he played with you.

This might be annoying if you bot, because sometimes you end up with a random invitation.

The biggest mistake is to accept it. First of all we don’t want any strangers on our friend list, because they see our activity and can observe our games.

Second of all, if you play with someone who suspect you botting, thus he send you a friend invitation right after the game and you notice it after few hours and accept, it will be a direct confirmation that you were botting. Do you follow?

Declining the invitation on the other hand will not result in notification of any kind, so you can decline any invites at any time and the guy who send them won’t know wether you declined it right away, or after 20 hours.

11. Observe your bot playing.

Whenever you change your deck, or made some other changes in the bot, it’s wise to take some time and watch how it handles them.

You can then correct them instantly if something’s wrong or report any bad or missplays on the forum.

That’s all I can think of right now. I hope some people will find it useful.

If you guys have any additional suggestion, don’t hestitate to post.