AI Update – 08/06

  • Less conservative with sunfury when it’s the only 2drop available
  • More conservative with Wicked knife
  • Fix Ice lance simulation
  • Fix Druid of the Fang simulation
  • Reduced Kingsblood Toxin conservativeness
  • Grove Tender will choose a card over mana in late game
  • The AI will try to get more value out of Demented Frostcaller’s effect
  • Fixed Possessed Villager deathrattle effect simulation (board position)
  • Increased Flame Lance’s conservativeness
  • Fixed Steward of Darkshire simulation
  • The AI won’t play Astral Communion in Arena anymore if for some reason it appeared in your hand. (Spellslinger)
  • Increased Tunnel Trogg conservativeness in early turns if enemy can trade it during his turn
  • Fixed Rockbiter weapon value when doomhammer is equipped
  • Reduced Execute’s conservativeness on big minions
  • Trading system tweaks, the bot will be less “scared” to loose taunts as that’s what they’re meant for (to die)
  • Default profile will be more controlish in early turns in Arena modes
  • Tweaks/Fixes : Execute, Doomhammer, Acolyte of Pain, Lightning Storm, Tunnel Trogg, Astral Communion, Steward of Darkshire, Flame Lance, Mana Wyrm, Possessed Villager, Demented Frostcaller, Grove Tender, Kingsblood Toxin, Sap, Druid of the Fang, Tentacle of N’Zoth, Ice Lance, Wicked Knife, Sunfury Protector

Thanks to everybody who submitted missplay reports.