AI Update – 24/11

  • Increased Faceless manipulator conservativeness
  • Reduced Northshire Cleric conservativeness
  • Tweak Gorehowl logic
  • Book Wyrm conservativeness tweak
  • Increased Shield Slam conservativeness
  • Increased Cat Trick play value
  • Improved behavior against doomsayer
  • Increased Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound threat value
  • Increased Netherspite Historian play order priority
  • Mind Control Tech will be played for tempo if we dont have any other option
  • Reduced slightly Firelands Portal conservativeness
  • Improved Master of Evolution logic
  • Improved slightly Lance Carrier conservativeness
  • Increased Frostwolf Warlord conservativeness
  • Improved enemy’s turn simulation (enemy hero power value in arena)
  • Aldor Peacekeeper will be played for tempo in arena if no other option available
  • Reduced Wild Pyromancer conservativeness in arena
  • Increased Polluted Hoarder play value
  • Reinforce first when we have a murloc knight on board
  • Tweak Rusty Hook attack value
  • Reduced Silvermoon Portal conservativeness
  • Improved Call Pet simulation
  • Improved Unstable Ghoul simulation
  • Tweak lifetap value in Arena

–>Many minor fixes aren’t included in this changelog, all ranked and arena missplays are fixed
–>I’m kind of giving up on wild/unranked mode for now, i’ll just go quickly through the missplays to see if i can find anything critical/interesting.