AI Update – 31/08

RESTART HS + BOT to update

  • Decreased Adapt/Discover simulations duration
  • Tweaked Rush profile to be a bit more defensive on early turns
  • Tried to fix Hunter’s DK hero power (untested), always choose first option
  • Fixed Druid’s DK hero power
  • Fixed the Jade idols counter
  • Fixed new paladin skin hero power
  • Spreading Plague won’t be played when board is already full
  • Fixed Tar Lurker, Tar Lord, Tar Creeper simulations
  • Increased Crazed Alchemist conservativeness
  • Increased Spreading Plague conservativeness
  • Decreased Jade Blossom conservativeness
  • Adjusted The Coin value when Innervate is in hand
  • Tweak Nourish’s logic to ramp when we have high cost cards in hand
  • Tweak Power of the Wild conservativeness in early turn (3/2 form)
  • Tweak Druid of the Swarm choices logic
  • Fixed Embrace Darkness simulation