Here are some of the features that SmartBot has to offer.

External Calculation Engine

All the calculations made by the bot are done by our own servers, instead of your computer. This makes our bot very reliable and offloads some of the performance issues to our side. You will have more CPU and RAM available to run Hearthstone, instead of performing intensive calculations. We have seen up to 4 times performance difference vs traditional calculations.

Human Targeting Arrows

Our bot strives to be 100% human-like, it has random routines, intervals, thinking and sequences. It also comes with human targeting arrows, and will hover minions and cards. When you’re botting you can’t see these arrows, but the enemy can see them.

Automatic Arena Drafting

Our bot will automatically do Arena runs for you. Sit back and relax. It will pick the class, cards, and do all plays for you. The class picks are based on priority which you can define yourself.

By default it will use Heartharena tier lists to choose the best cards for your class.


If Hearthstone crashes at any point in the game it will automatically restart Hearthstone for you and continue botting. This makes it so that you won’t have to worry about any crashes whatsoever.