[ANDROID] SmartBot app (Remote control) BETA 4

Here’s a beta version of the Android app. The features are still limited but I will add many new ones to the list very soon.


  • Multi accounts management, you can control all the instances of the bot running with your different licenses if you have more than one
  • Remote controls for basic operations on the bot (Run HS, Inject, Start, Stop, Finish, Close HS, Shutdown Computer, Change deck/profile/Mulligan/mode)
  • Statistics
  • Changelog (only AI)
  • Notifications: When a game end, when the bot is stopped (useful when you are using the “Finish and close” feature), when you reach legend.


  • You need the bot’s client V43.5 at least
  • Log in with your forum IDs on the app
  • Swipe right the left panel to get access to the different features
  • When your accounts are marked as “unnamed instance”, it just means your battletag wasn’t yet available and will get updated as soon as the bot is injected in HS
  • Notifications won’t work if you force close the app (Swipe it in the task manager of android)

What’s coming next :

  • A better design (but not a priority)
  • Account switcher feature (switch Bnet accounts)
  • More notification options with more information

Known bugs:

  • If you use the “Start” button in the app when HS is opened but not injected, the bot won’t inject and you will have to restart it.

Last note: forgive the design, you know my skills to make good looking apps already


Beta 1: initial release

Beta 2: fixed the accounts names not being refreshed

Beta 3: Add option to log out after disconnection/license is expired

Beta 4: Support SB V44+