Hearthstone 3.0 – Unofficial Patch Notes

Changes that aren’t documented in the official changelog:

  • Concedes now happen immediately.
  • Searching “new” in the Collection Manager now shows your new cards.
  • TGT board added.
  • TGT cards appear in the crafting menu but can’t be crafted yet. (Thanks, luckyluke193)
  • Rank is now being tracked for end-of-the-month rewards. (Thanks, danhakimi)
  • New quests are “Win 3 games with x class” (50g) and “Win 5 Tavern Brawls” (60g). (Thanks, guimontag)
  • If you set your computer time to Aug 24, you can open TGT packs but not retrieve cards.

Other minor fixes/additions/changes:

  • Cards created by others are now labelled and appear in the history sidebar.
    This affects: Mechanical Yeti, Tinkertown Technician, Ysera, Antonidas, Gazlowe, Toshley, Mind Vision, Wild Mana. Does not affect: Clockwork Gnome, Mech-Bear-Cat. (Thanks, Splitzinsanity, WG95, xLyca, Flickered, culinko, jayr__).
  • Improved visual effects on Duplicate and Echo of Medivh. (Thanks, RedQ, Dyvn_)
  • Faster Silence animation. (Thanks, Massacrul)
  • Crafting a minion now plays its sound effect.
  • Getting 12 wins in arena gets you a message from the Innkeeper. (Thanks, Digeridoodle)
  • Arena reward icons are now smaller.
  • Cursor in collection manager is different shape. (Thanks, Fikoblin)
  • New animation for ranking up. (Thanks, JosephD1014)
  • You can now squelch opponents in Spectator Mode. (Thanks, OhYaaah)
  • Resurrect now requires a friendly minion to have died this game to be played. (Thanks, Adys)

Bugs / possible bugs:

  • Fel Reaver: text changed from “discard” to “remove”; can no longer see cards discarded/removed. Some users have reported being able to see the cards when mouseovering the card history on the side. (Thanks kn0ff, Whooshless)
  • Casual mode still gives gold, but no longer displays when gold is given. (Thanks, culinko)
  • “Last played” sometimes doesn’t appear on friend list. (Thanks, Fikoblin)
  • Occasional “Can’t lose stars at this rank” at ranks >20. Edit: Started occurring a few days ago, unrelated to the patch. Seems to occur when you tie and have 0 stars at your rank. (Thanks, MarcDVL, Dynoglory)
  • Mousing over your arena key no longer shows your arena wins. (Thanks, culinko)
  • Enemy played spells don’t show spell power bonuses. (Thanks, advanc3r)
  • Spectate Cards have a green border all the time. You need to move mouse to reset. (Thanks, theSurgeonOfDeath)
  • “Specator Mode” button is a bit offset and now partially overlaps the player’s hand. (Thanks, WG95)
  • Thoughtsteal: changed sound and animation. (Thanks, BloeR, Notsomebeans)
  • In some situations, probably when animations are stacked, conceding did not play the “you win” dialogue.(Thanks, bunnybacon)
  • Searching “The Grand Tournament” in collection manager does not show all TGT cards. (Thanks, luckyluke193)
  • iOS: custom deck’s card back is now larger and askew (Thanks, fuglyfants)
  • Android: Looking at history and playing a card will result in a visual glitch where they overlap. (Thanks, yumyum36)