Hearthstone bot, your definite guide to botting on Hearthstone

Welcome to our post: Hearthstone bot, your definite guide to botting on Hearthstone.

Hearthstone is one of the most popular collectible card games out there. The game offers a visual interface where the two players compete against each other through a card game, using the cards in their respective decks to utilize different powers.

The appeal of Hearthstone has rapidly increased since its release in 2014. And yet, many players struggle to win enough matches in the game to earn gold, or to gain enough extra cards upon match victories. One of the key reasons behind this is that it takes a significant amount of time to play enough Hearthstone matches and amass the precious in-game credentials.

Interface of SmartBot
Interface of SmartBot

Using a Hearthstone Bot?

An excellent way to resolve this is by using a Hearthstone bot. A quality bot will perform a wide range of in-game functions in your place, mimicking human behavior. In other words, you can let the bot play the game for you even when you are away.

This way, the Hearthstone bot can play and win matches for you, letting you make headway in the game even without spending any actual time on the screen.

A wide range of Hearthstone bots is available out there. Some of them work fabulously well while others are not worth the effort of installing them. One of the best in the category is the SmartBot which makes use of advanced Artificial Intelligence features to play the game in your place. Following are some of the stand-out features offered by this Hearthstone bot.

In-Game Human Behavior

Human behavior, in general, is not organized or sequenced. We spend a different amount of time when thinking about different stuff, or even the same stuff at different times. It is important for a bot to mimic such human behavior in order to be effective.

The SmartBot effectively mimics such behavior by using variable intervals when drawing a card or contemplating an attack. This makes it an incredibly smart Hearthstone bot which is almost impossible to tell apart from a human player. By using human targeting arrows, randomized sequences and irregular intervals, the bot performs all in-game actions in a perfectly natural and human way.

Arena Drafting Automation

Arena drafting in Hearthstone involves choosing a class and then building up your deck with the kind of cards that will help you win. It also involves choosing an appropriate hero who would improve your chances of victory in the match ahead.

Arena drafting can be a tiresome process, especially if you have to do countless times. This is where the Hearthstone bot steps in. The bot will automatically pick a class, draft your deck, choose the right hero, and gear up for the match. You can tweak the settings of the bot to reflect your priorities.

For instance, you can set a picking logic and also designate priority to different hero types. This way, the bot will still do the choosing but will do so within the limitations you define.

Auto Game Restart

One of the most annoying moments when playing Hearthstone is when you experience an unexpected and sudden game crash. This may be due to any reason and this may require you to wait and spend considerable time to be back in the game.

The good news is that a smart Hearthstone bot can be immensely useful in this aspect as well. When the bot is playing the game for you and the game experiences a crash, the bot will automatically restart the game and continue botting.

This means that you don’t have to rush back to your screen to restart the game and go through the whole process of arena drafting. Instead, all you have to do is launch the bot once and it will take it from there.

Offloading calculations

The in-game calculations performed when playing the Hearthstone game can significantly tax the resources on your computer. In many cases, you may find that the CPU and RAM on your computer are insufficient or not ideal to do the in-game calculations.

A good Hearthstone bot offers significant advantages in this area as well. Instead of using your computer resources to do the calculations, the bot performs all the calculations at cloud servers.

This means that the load of performing all those calculations is taken away from you and shared by the servers on which the bot is hosted.

This frees up the resources on your computer and lets the CPU and RAM breathe. It also offers a marked improvement in the overall performance of the computer while the game is being played.

Automated Auto-Concede Settings

Auto-concede means giving up a battle in Hearthstone game before finishing it. This is usually done by a player when the odds are so uneven that there is barely any chances of winning the battle, or the battle is expected to take very long before reaching any certain conclusion.

Auto-concede is a very useful feature if you want to improve in-game rank without losing too much time. The Hearthstone bot comes with auto-concede settings, letting you set the exact parameters and circumstances in which you would want the bot to auto-concede and re-queue for another battle.

You can, for instance, define that the bot should auto-concede when the enemy has a certain lethal power. You can also set the bot to automatically concede one battle after every victory.

Finally, you can determine the maximum rank of the enemy and make the bot automatically concede battles against enemies of higher rank where victory is less likely.

Define End Settings

You may want to let you Hearthstone bot run endlessly, or you may want it to stop playing the game after a certain time. The End Conditions allow you to define the exact parameters when the bot should stop playing.

You can, for example, determine the number of hours or the number of victories or losses after which the bot should quit the game. You can also specify that the bot should quite when the daily gold cap is reached or when a game session comes to an end.