Hearthstone – Which bot to use?

Reading this page means that you are determined to gain more gold in the game. Some players have found it fun to dig for gold, but there are also others who want more gold the easy way so that they can get more cards and to get rarer ones. You better not waste your time digging for gold and only wasting it on useless cards and start using this tool created by a group of players that are also feeling the same – tired of playing game after game, only to end up with a lame pack of cards.

Like most games, Hearthstone bots are made available for players who are looking for an easy way out of the game. If you are not fond of cheating your way in the game, you should stop reading this now.

A fair warning to you players: Hearthstone Bots are able to reach rank 6 within 12 hours of playing the famous shaman deck.

So what is the best bot for Hearthstone?

As of right now, there is no “best bot”. Each bot differs and each have their different unique features.

Hearthcrawler is a very popular bot at the moment, they had plans to add server-sided calculations and human-like targeting arrows. Hearthcrawler is very stable, and their latest beta version is very easy to setup and comes with an auto-updated for the client and AI.

Pricing: 1 month for €5.99, and a lifetime license for €19.99

Hearthcrawler has been disbanded due to pressure by Blizzard.

SmartCC Bot automatically drafts arena for you, and has the option to play ranked / normal after your arena run. It was developed by the original developer of SmartCC, a Hearthcrawler AI. It is actively updated, and contains most features, the only downside I noticed was that it sometimes randomly disconnected from the auth server.

Pricing: 1 month for €6, and a lifetime license for €24

Hearthbuddy is a lesser known Hearthstone bot, and only has a couple of members. At this time we’re not sure if it’s still actively being developed, but some members said it was really good.

Pricing: 1 month for €6.98, and a lifetime license for €24.98

So to conclude it all, if you’re looking for the cheapest Hearthstone bot you should be looking at Hearthcrawler, if you’re looking for Automatic Arena Drafting, SmartCC Bot.

So why do people use bots in Hearthstone?

The game itself is mostly about paying for the cards to get most legendaries. To get legendary cards you will need to spend money to buy packs and obtain cards like . The purpose of botting is either:

  • Gaining more gold automatically
  • Getting golden heroes (500 wins in Ranked Play mode)
  • Reaching a higher rank (or reaching Legendary for example)
  • Selling the accounts
  • Playing constructed at a high level is pretty much impossible without tons of packs.

It’s known for a fact that it’s impossible to play constructed at a high level without buying a ton of packs. Kripp, a famous Hearthstone streamer had to buy multiple hundreds of packs just to get the legendaries for his Blizzcon decks.