Huh, Hearthstone Hacks?

Since the game is a collectible card game, the style is very simple and not much going on, even if you are looking for hacks. Some players think that they have found working hacks that makes them get higher levels faster. A number of players do not believe that hacks are possible since the game is processed through the servers of Blizzard Entertainment, and an influence from hacks is nearly impossible. They warn users to be alert of hacks that claim to be working when they are just scams, especially coming from websites that asks them to pay for it.

The only way to cheat your way through the game is by using bots. One of the features of the bots is to complete your daily quests to gain gold, which you can use to buy packs of cards to play with. Another feature is concede when your rank is lower than 20, in order to get as many wins as possible to get a golden portrait for classes.