Soviet Mulligans

How to install:
If the mulligan is in .zip format:

Just unzip all the files and folders from the archive into the MulliganProfiles folder, like this: 

Mulligans in .zip can work incorrectly if the path to the bot contains letters not related to the English language (for example: “√∂”, “„āę”, “–ī”, etc)¬†and special characters (for example:¬†“.”).

If the mulligan is in .cs format:

Just put .cs file into the MulliganProfiles folder.

Soviet Arena:

What is it for?
This is a mulligan for the arena. It contains the priority of 1-4 mana cards.

Is it better than default.cs?
Yes, this mulligan is better.¬†But don’t expect any extraordinary results from it.¬†Believe me, winrate doesn’t depend much on a mulligan in this case.

Why beta?
Because a lot of things have not been added yet.¬†For example, this mulligan doesn’t know if the Keleseth’s effect is working with your deck or not.


Soviet Aggro Druid:

Download:  SovietAggroDruid_1.6.cs
Profile: Rush
Deck example: AAECAZICApG8Aq/CAg73A6gF5gXZB+UHwasCtrMCzbsChsEC68ICm80CkdAC+9MCi+UCAA==

Soviet Aggro/Midrange Hunter:

Download: MidrangeHunter_SU
Profile: Rush
Deck example: AAECAR8CrwSRvAIOqAK1A6gF1AXZB+sH/gzquwKOwwLKywLd0gL70wLh4wKL5QIA

Soviet Aggro Paladin:

Download: AggroPaladin_SU_v1.1
Profile: Rush
Deck example: AAECAZ8FBK8EkbwCucECt+kCDacF1AX1Ba8H2QexCNmuArjHAuPLApXOAvjSAvvTAtblAgA=

Soviet Murloc Paladin:

Download: SovietMurlocPaladin_1_10
Profile: Rush
Deck example: AAECAZ8FArnBArfpAg7FA9sDpwXjBacI06oC07wCs8ECncICscIC48sC+NIC+9MC1uUCAA==

Soviet Prince Rogue:

Download: PrinceRogue_SU_19-12
Profile: Rush
Deck example: AAECAaIHBrICrwSRvALKwwLP4QKc4gIMtAHtAqgF1AXdCJK2AoHCAuvCAsrLAqbOAvvTAtvjAgA=

Soviet ZooLock:

Download: ZooLock_20-10
Profile: Rush or default
Deck example: AAECAf0GApG8ApfTAg4w9wSoBc4Hwgj2CLy2Ase7Asm7AvfNAqbOAvHQAvLQAvvTAgA=

Soviet Spiteful Dragon Priest:

Download: DragonPriest_20a-1
Profile: default
Deck example: AAECAa0GBJG8AtnBApnIApziAg0IqAWNCPIMursC8LsCyssCps4C+9MCy+YC0OcC/OoC1+sCAA==

Soviet Secret Mage:

Download: SecretMage_b20-5
Profile: Rush/face
Deck example: AAECAf0EBMABwwGrBKLTAg1xuwKVA+YElgXsBaO2Ate2Auu6Aoe9AsHBApjEAo/TAgA=