Currently working with the latest patch.
AI-server should be working fine.


SmartBot has a lot of features and does a lot of calculations that users can't see. In the following video we'll show you how the program runs and that it doesn't require any human interaction:

Some of it's features:

  • Working with the latest patches, quickly updated
  • Automatic decision making, no user input required
  • External calculation engine, can run on all PCs
  • Automatic Arena drafts, average of 5 wins
  • Automatic questing & gold harvesting
  • Auto concede options to get golden heroes
  • Tons of customisable settings
  • The only bot to hit legend every month, Hearthranger doesn't even come close!
  • API where you can create custom mulligans, profiles and plugins
  • Automatic emotes and responses to opponents
  • Human targeting arrows and randomized thinking timers

Get instant access right away!

After ordering you will receive a download link in your e-mail and you will be able to start botting right away.
Note: Bot is only working on Windows. (or with a virtual machine/bootcamp (min. 2 cores))

Trial version, relogger, human botting

Trial (once)

  • All features included
  • Relogger
  • Unranked / Ranked
  • Always up-to-date
  • Automatic Arena drafting
  • Human Targeting Arrows
  • External calculation engine
  • 10 games/day
Full version, external calculation engine, arrow targeting

Full (per month)

  • All features included
  • Relogger
  • Unranked / Ranked
  • Always up-to-date
  • Automatic Arena drafting
  • Human Targeting Arrows
  • External calculation engine
  • Unlimited games

Latest Updates:

SmartBot V24

Changelog : (since V23.8) —-V24 Support for hearthstone client v2.7.0.9166 Enemy turn timeout detection, bot will kill and restart the game in such case Fixed Tasks/Plugins conflicts Minor fixes and improvements CLEAN INSTALL RECOMMENDED !! -> AI updates will now only be displayed in the client’s ui, not on the forum ! Features: Quests Customizable […]

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Hacks for Hearthstone

This program was created with the idea that there are players out there who want to earn more gold without purchasing them via the in-game store. Some players also want to get golden heroes, which can be acquired by getting 500 wins in constructed. SmartBot is the most advanced AI ever created for Hearthstone.

Hearthstone Botting

Playing Hearthstone is really entertaining, but when you end up with a game that requires a lot of time in order to get yourself at the top ranks, it can become quite tiring and annoying. This is why we made a bot that can help you out: It is making the lives of these players easier without having to put in the time yourself.


Time and time again we've proven to have the best AI out there. We're usually the first ones to reach legend in new seasons. Although not a lot of people know us, we're a private group of members who are using this bot extensively. The latest banwave has been October 14, 2015, Blizzard has not banned anyone after this date.

Automatic Arena drafting, Relogger, Queue after arena, Unranked / Ranked, Statistics, Human Targetting Arrows, and External calculation engine (calculation speed x4).