Masterwai Emotes

The Plugin

  • Answers opponents emotes
  • Changes its behavior (probabilities) every few turns
  • Has a chance of squelching opponent every time they emote
  • Small random delay between opponents emote and our answer, it seemed too fast by default

It does pretty much the same as the “Emotenizer” plugin, except that it changes its probabilities every few turns and that it can squelch the opponent. Squelching doesn’t mean actual squelch in game, it just doesn’t respond anymore. It un-squelches when it changes its behavior.

By changing its behavior during games it should be much harder to recognize a pattern.

Using the “Emotenizer” or any other emote plugin is also fine, the more variety there is, the better.

The three values that you can change in the plugin’s settings need to be within the given range, otherwise, the plugin won’t work. It will read the values at the start of every game and tell you if they’re fine or not. Don’t copy the values from anyone. Their whole purpose is to make it so that not every Smartbot looks the same. Just choose some number within the range and go with that. You also don’t really need to change them once you’ve chosen them.

How to install

Use my updater!