Masterwai Stats

What does it do

Masterwai Stats visualizes the data that Masterwai History collects for you and lets you filter it. You don’t need to have Masterwai Stats running to collect the data.

How to install

Use¬†my updater!¬†You’ll need to select an installation directory. It is a rather big download (~220mb) compared to my other add-ons. Make sure to also install and update Masterwai History if you haven’t already.

How to use 

To start it, start the “MasterwaiStats.exe” in the installation directory.¬†Smartbot needs to be running with Masterwai History installed for Masterwai Stats to have access to the data.

Old data

If your data that was collected by an old version of Masterwai History, this might cause issues. I recommend deleting data that is older than September the 22. That is if you made the update when it was released.


Match History

Shows your recent matches. Can be filtered by account, region (EU, NA, CN, KR), hero, opponent’s hero and mode by hovering over the according¬†table header. 50 results are shown.

Arena Runs

Shows your recent arena runs. Can be filtered by account, region, hero, wins, and losses by hovering over the according table header. 50 results are shown.

Arena Stats

Shows a bar chart of the winrate of all classes (that you have played arena games with), the total winrate and the optimal total winrate. You can filter arena games by account, region and timeframe. The “Zoom” option shows you the area that all winrates are in more closely so that the relative strength is more clearly visible. This doesn’t show the total strength well.

The optimal total winrate is the winrate that you would have had if you would have picked the best hero offered every time. To calculate this, the hero distribution that you get in the long run is assumed, so your total winrate might be higher in the short term than the optimal total winrate because you high rolled and got rogue ten times in a row.

Contructed Stats

Shows the matchups of your decks against each class. The wider the column of a class is, the more you encountered it. If you play alot against rogue, it will have a wide column. This is also what the classes are sorted by. The classes you played the least against might be too narrow for the winrate to fit, hover over the cell to get a tooltip showing the winrate.

Your decks are sorted by the number of games you played with them. You can see their total winrate by hovering over them.¬†Masterwai History needs to read in the names of your decks for them to be displayed, if that doesn’t work properly, try injecting Smartbot and pressing the refresh decks button.

Only games from either RankedStandard or RankedWild are included.

You can filter by rank range, format, timeframe, and region.