Masterwai Updater

I upgraded my updater so you can get all my actively maintained add-ons through it. It can now also better monitor differences between your local files and the latest release, so it will almost always be able to repair your local installation and it also only updates the files that actually need to be updated.

How to use

Just download the updater, put it anywhere and run it. You can then select your Smartbot folder and update all my add-ons. To initially install an add-on, just run an update once. You have to “Check for Updates” before running an update to calculate the differences between your files and the latest release (or just press the update button twice).

Download Link

List of add ons

  • MasterwaiAccountSwitcherv3


  • MasterwaiTierlistDiscover


  • MasterwaiEmotes
  • MDisconnectSaver