MasterwaiAccountSwitcherv3 (MAS3)

As the name suggests, this is my 3rd attempt at making a decent account switcher.

What does it do?

It performs a customizable daily routine on one or more accounts. The routine can include doing quests, grinding the golcap, playing arena and climbing the ladder. There’s also a button hide completly hide and show hearthstone again.

How to install

Use my updater!  Important: MAS3 depends on Masterwai History. Get both through the updater and enable the Masterwai History plugin.

How to setup?

Use the “Add Account” button to add your account. Then login into your accounts, inject Smartbot and press the “Load Decks” button in MAS3. Also use that button to synchronize decks if you change them.

How to start?

Simply start both Smartbot and MAS3. You’ll see if they connected successfully on MAS3 and in the Smartbot log. Then just start Smartbot and MAS3 will take control of Smartbot’s settings.


You can choose the phases you want to be completed on each account. For “Climbing” and “Grinding” you need to choose a deck and mode to play in. MAS3 will

  • Grind until the goldcap is reached
  • Play arena until you are out of gold
  • Climb until legend
  • Reroll and do quests intelligently to maximize gold income

You can double click on your decks in MAS3 to change the profile and mulligan that they should be played with.

You can check which quests you have a suitable deck for in the settings window (“Open Settings”) in the “Quest Decks” tab.

Having problems with account switching?

Try closing Blizzard App (, then using the “Replace Config Files” button and then start it again. Usually the problem is that your configs are broken or not fully generated. In that case you’re fine after replacing them.

If your system is slow / unstable and you log in and out of your accounts without enabling the “Keep me logged in” option, you might have to replace your configs regularly.

Read on for a detailed documentation of all customization options. You don’t need to worry about this unless you are looking for a specific feature.

The Routine

MAS3 completes each phase on all accounts and then moves on to the next phase. If all phases are enabled on all accounts it works like this:

MAS3 Routine

If there is a quest to complete on the account MAS3 is currently on, it will handle it (see quests below).


You can enable additional options for each phase from the “Phases” button in the menu bar.


MAS3 will play in the specified mode with the specified deck until it won 30 games to reach the daily goldcap.

It will play on the account that is the closest to it’s daily reset.

Concede to stay at rank

Will concede whenever it climbs above the specified rank.

One win -> One Concede

Will concede one game after every game it won. Useful in unranked mode to keep mmr down and in ranked to prevent winstreaks.


MAS3 will play arena in “ArenaAuto” mode, so Smartbot will automatically draft decks. By default it plays until there’s not enough gold for arena anymore.

It plays on the account the most gold.

Keep Gold

MAS3 will keep the specified amount of gold and not spend it on arena.


MAS3 will play in specified ranked mode with the specified deck until it reaches legend. It plays on the account that is closest to the target rank.

Climb to rank

MAS3 will only climb to the specified rank.

Portrait Farming

MAS3 will concede whenever it climbs over the rank specified by “Climb to rank” and won’t stop playing when reaching it. Portrait farming is prioritized over climbing. When multiple accounts have portrait farming enabled, the leftmost one will be selected. You can change the order of accounts as described below.

Account order

When the deciding criterion for which account to complete a phase on is the same on two or more accounts, the order of the accounts is deciding. You can change the accounts’ order by clicking on the tab index (ae1b6d8823.png) and pressing “Shift + Right Arrow” or “Shift + Left Arrow”.

!This feature can currently bug out so you won’t be able to re-order the accounts. To fix this, restart MAS3.

Deck order

When there are multiple suitable decks to complete a quest, the deck order decides which one is used. You can change the decks’ order by selecting one and pressing “Shift + Up Arrow” or “Shift + Down Arrow”.

Quest decks

In the settings window (“Open Settings”) in the “Quest Decks” tab you can see which quests you have a suitable deck for on each account. You can also change the requirement for a deck to be considered suitable for each quest.

Other Settings

You find these in the settings window (“Open Settings”) in the “Other Settings” tab.


By default MAS3 does quests that reward 50 or more gold and rerolls impossible (you don’t have a suitable deck, can’t be done by Smartbot) quests and ones that reward less than 50 gold. It prioritizes rerolling 40 gold quests until you have two or more impossible quests. It will complete 40 gold quests if you have three quests and you can’t reroll a quest. Quests are played in unranked mode and the format of the deck.

Do quests?

Decides whether or not MAS3 does quests.

Do quests ASAP (not efficient)?

When enabled MAS3 will do all quests as soon as possible, not skipping 40 gold quests. This will result in less gold income.

Reroll quests?

Decides whether or not MAS3 rerolls quests.

Manual Quests

By default MAS3 rerolls these quests. You can choose to keep them and do them manually because they are better than most other quests .


By default MAS3 uses the “Default.cs” mulligan and the “Midrange – Default.cs” profile for arena. You can change them here.


By default MAS3 doesn’t take any breaks.

When enabled MAS3 will take a break after each game for a random amount of time between the specified minimum and maximum.


Minimize to Tray

When enabled MAS3 will minimize to tray. You can click the tray icon to restore MAS3.

Shutdown when done

Shuts the PC down when all tasks are done. MAS3 pops into the foreground and waits for 15 seconds to give a chance to close it and abort the shutdown.

Hide Hearthstone

This button completely hides hearthstone and shows it again. Important: If you hide hearthstone and then close MAS3, there is no way to show it again, so you will have to kill the process through the task manager. Also, for now, after switching accounts the new hearthstone window will be visible and you have to click the button twice to hide the new window.

Smartbot plugin settings

These are the settings available in the “MasterwaiAccountSwitcherv3Connector” plugin that comes with MAS3.

Start MAS3 with Smartbot

When this is enabled, MAS3 will be started whenever you start Smartbot, unless it is already running.