SmartBot has a lot of features and does a lot of calculations that users can’t see. In the following video we’ll show you how the program runs and that it doesn’t require any human interaction.

Main menu


Auto Concede

Auto concede allows you to set a max rank you want to achieve, auto concede after every win, or concede if the enemy has lethal.

This is useful if you want to stay at a low rank to farm up for gold portraits.

End Conditions

Allows you to specify end conditions:

  • End after X wins
  • End after X losses
  • End after X hours
  • End at X rank
  • End when daily gold cap reached
  • End when first session cycle finished
  • Check end conditions after each arena game


Allows you to change the Arena picking logic to Custom or Heartharena (default). Also allows you to specify what to queue after arena, and how many arena runs you want to do. You can also specify the picking priority for each class.


Allows you to enable/disable Hovering, thinking and change the play sequence.


Allows you to enable the automatic relogger, Stay on top, change the theme and color. You can also choose to automatically squelch your opponent.


Allows you to change the picking logic of discover cards.


Choose the classes you want to practise against.


Shows all the statistics for your current session, and the current amount of legends this month for the bot.


Allows you to change some plugin settings, like Emotenizer. You can change the Answering Chance, Ending Emote Chance, Max Answers, and the Opening Emote Chance.