SmartBot for Newbies

First of all, Welcome to the SmartBot Family!
You will learn how to use SmartBot in this post. (also called SB)

Be aware: All simulation are done on a remote server, you don’t need a super-duper computer to get a high rank. 🙂

How to proceed?
First, start Hearthstone and launch SmartBot.
Once Hearthstone is launched, click inject.

After, injecting you should see something like this. The SmartBot interface.

What do you need to know?

Mode: You need to select which mode you want to use. You have several modes you can choose from:

  1. Ranked: for ranked mode
  2. Unranked: for unranked mode
  3. Arena: for arena
  4. Arena_auto: To play automatically arenas. This will make it so that the bot will automatically choose all your cards for you, you don’t have to do anything.
  5. Practice: To play the practice mode (Useful when you start a new account)

Deck: Select your deck.

Profile: select your profile

  • Default: More control oriented (This will try to keep control of the board)
  • Dynamic: Mix between Rush and Default
  • Rush: Me go Face!

Mulligan: Is used to choose which cards you need to keep at the beginning of the game.
There are multiple mulligan profiles available on the website.


Here you can select different condition that will set when to stop/close the bot.
This part is for Arena. If you chose Arena as Mode you can select how many arena you want to run, what to do after your arena and the priority regarding the classes (The higher in the list is selected first)
Simulate AoE spells: The bot will consider possible AoE (like Flamestrike if the enemy Mage has 7 Mana)
Humanize the bot by adding random delay.

Here is an important part that makes your bot more “human”:

  • Attack sequence – same order (from left to right) and same delay between actions.
  • Play Sequence – somewhat randomized attack order, and queued up actions. (aka doesn’t wait for animation to finish before starting new action)
  • Thinking: Allow you to hover card while the bot is running the simulation.
    • Count: Define the min and max number of cards that you want to hover.
    • Duration: The delay of the hover
  • Hover: It is used when your opponent is playing.
    • Interval: Time between each hover (between 50 sec and 2 minutes here)
    • Duration: The delay of the hover

Time is in MS (1,000ms = 1s).
You can play with the values to see which one are the best for you/your computer.

Misc: You can enable emotes (Recommended), select themes and enable the Relogger.


You can enable quests here, SB will do the quest for you. I recommend to get your quests in Unranked.

Be careful: For each class, you will have to select a deck!


If you chose the practice mode, you can select the class and the mode here


Do I really need to explain something here? 🙂


Tasker was the initial feature to add more humanity to the bot. I am still using it to add a wait time between games.


Plugins are programmable tasks that you can do with the bot.

To get a list of available plugin, visit the SmartBot forums.


The changelog overview of SmartBot.

If you need more details, feel free to post a comment and I will add more details.