SmartBot V23

Changelog : (since V22.11)

  • Fix window’s height not being restored at startup
  • Added OnVictory() and OnDefeat() plugin events
  • Added Rank,Stars,Legend index, winstreak, stars streaks infos in plugin API, available from Bot.GetPlayerDatas()
  • New relogger rewrote from scratch, should be faster, fully automated (no need to set hs path) and work better than before
  • Minor fixes/improvements in API (reference SmartBotAPI.dll)
  • Better HS crash/DC detection
  • Few PlaySequence fixes/improvements
  • First public stats from server, will be more of them later
  • Improved stability
  • Reduced total bot size
  • Seeds file are now limited to 10 games to reduce files on the disk
  • Logs older than 3 days will be removed automatically



  • Quests
  • Customizable human mode
  • Targeting arrows
  • Automatic arena drafting logic
  • Unranked / Ranked / Arena / Practice
  • Last version of SmartCC included
  • Auto concede (two different modes)
  • Statistics
  • Relogger (image recognition)
  • Custom delay for FastMode
  • Queue after arena
  • External calculation engine (calculation speed x4)
  • Custom profiles
  • Emotes