SmartBot V25.1

Hey, here’s the new release !
Changelog : (since V24.5)

-Fix compatibility tasker’s waiting tasks/BreakAfterXTime plugin
-Plugin API : Fix OnAllQuestsCompleted and OnQuestCompleted events
-Plugin API : Add OnFriendRequestReceived(FriendRequest request) event
-Plugin API : Add string CurrentDeck()
-Plugin API : updated profile template with new events
-Coach mode switch embedded in the ingame overlay, you can stop/resume autoplay mode anytime during the game
-Coach : graveyards added to the overlay (buttons near decks in the game)
-Coach : add some useful informations to the overlay
-Embedded debugger improvements
-Profiles Debug tool fixed
-Relogger tweaks
-Minor fixes and improvements


Features :
-Customizable human mode
-Targeting arrows
-Automatic arena drafting logic
-Unranked / Ranked / Arena / Practice
-Last version of SmartCC included 
-Auto concede (two different modes)
-Relogger (image recognition)
-Custom delay for FastMode
-Queue after arena
-External calculation engine (calculation speed x4)
-Custom profiles
Installation :


-Extract the .7z file

-Run SmartDiagTool.exe to make sure you have all required packages installed

-Run SmartBotUpdater.exe to get the last version of the bot

-The bot will start automatically after the update and you will be prompted for your license key.


Tutorial : (Thanks a lot @dakutaSmartBot for Newbies[v0.1]


If you have any problems with the installation, you can post here and we will try to help you the best we can.