SmartBot V26.1

Hey, here’s the new latest release of SmartBot V26.1!

Changelog : (since V25.1)


  • Initial support for the Grand Tournament
  • Fix Hero levels API
  • Improved Decks API, decklists are now available from mulligan and plugins
  • Add support for stats per region
  • Minor fixes and stability improvements


  • Quests
  • Customizable human mode
  • Targeting arrows
  • Automatic arena drafting logic
  • Unranked / Ranked / Arena / Practice
  • Last version of SmartCC included
  • Auto concede (two different modes)
  • Statistics
  • Relogger (image recognition)
  • Custom delay for FastMode
  • Queue after arena
  • External calculation engine (calculation speed x4)
  • Custom profiles
  • Emotes

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