SmartBot V33 + AI Rumours

  • Final version until next expansion
  • Minor fixes and stability improvements

Rumours go that Smart Bot’s AI won’t be updated in the near future, considering Wirmate is looking for alternative ways to earn money.

Here are some chat logs from Wirmate:

Don’t call this a “product”, it’s just my passion for the AI i brought here when HC staff did total crap after the banwave and with me. I never intended to create “a product”, i intended to do what i like, surrounded by people who likes it too. If you can’t understand that the work has to be priced to protect the userbase, i cannot help you

Yea, i get that, but i’m done with unsatisfied people, they always have something itching. Well i’m not here to deal with that,

I will never, open any of my resources to the public, i spent way too much time on it so somebody else makes profit out of it.

I don’t have forum admins, i don’t have trust to get forums admins for free, i cannot pay any staff, plus i dont wanna deal with retarded people, they shouldnt even exist in the first place

Believe me, @Arthur would be as exhausted as me dealing with that. The sad truth is that money is the motivation, and i don’t have money to give.

Because as soon as there’s an improvement people assume it’s a standard, so they want more, so they aren’t satisfied

I can’t, they paid for it. I did that in few rare cases but that was for other reasons. @TheFieryTaco Like i said in the changelog, i know these people exist, i’m myself one silent happy lurker of many projects, but waking up everymorning expecting complaints, “OMG OMG my arena were 2-3 and 3-3 on a sample size of 2 runs”… i’m done with that

There’s absolutly no reason to refund anybody, people got what they paid for, i don’t even Advertise the bot. If some people do that they are fucking suckers that take out food of my plate, and i’ll fight as much as i can so they dont get anything back.

I’m glad for anybody that likes the bot, and that’s why i’ll keep paying for the two servers, for the forum license, for anything to keep things rolling, but my efforts towards the AI will stop. I don’t want flowers, i want idiots to shut their mouths

It depends, really money wise, i’ll for sure “support” new patches and expansion, so the bot doesn’t crash, but when it comes to the AI, if things are still in the current state, i’ll either find another model for money incomes (i’m not a volunteer), or just switch to another project and deal with updates whenever i have the time/feel like it.

It’s nobody in particular, it’s just there and there, the little complaints everywhere, the only time people are happy is when they get Legend, something the bot was never intended to in the first place.

That woudn’t be correct for others users, i’m not here to milk out people from their money, if ever something like this happen, it will be on donations basis, but we’ll see when the next expansion comes out