SmartBot V41.6

  • Add discover mode ‘Simulation Custom’. With this mode the default logic fallback will be replaced with custom logic
  • Available modes are :
    • Default (default logic based on values)
    • Custom (custom user logic)
    • Simulation (Use simulation based logic and falls back on default logic if no good solution is found)
    • Simulation Custom (Same as simulation logic but falls back on custom logic instead of default)
  • Fixed Board.FromSeed API
  • Added choices modifiers to profile system. To prioritize first choice assign a negative modifier to the card, and a positive one for the second choice.
    —>pro.ChoicesModifiers.AddOrUpdate(Cards.JadeIdol,new Modifier(-10)); //This will prioritize the first choice when playing jade idol
    —>pro.ChoicesModifiers.AddOrUpdate(Cards.JadeIdol,new Modifier(10)); //This will prioritize the second choice