SmartBot V47.7

Reworked a big part of the AI’s core to implement dynamic calculations. Before this change, there was only two ways to adjust calculations times:

  1. Abruptly cutting simulation after a defined timeout (this would result in incomplete simulations, missing moves before ending turn)
  2. Decreasing the maximum of boards calculated globally on the server (so even regular calculations were degraded)

A timeout can now be set allowing to change simulations parameters on the fly, and targeting only problematic (too long) calculations without sacrificing initial size of search space.

With this system in place, ALL calculations will now have a bigger default search space, resulting in better decisions on big boards, quicker calculations, and most important it will take into account the time left remaining in your turn. So if there’s only 10 seconds before the end of your turn, the bot will dynamically adjust the timeout to get results and process them before it’s too late.

  • Pushed an AI update (changelog in the bot’s interface)
  • Minor fixes in the client