What people say

There’s been a lot of feedback about these bots that we’re happy to share with you.

x0lover – Hearthcrawler on Aug 11th 2014:

the bot is getting verry good im watching my bot with triton bot custom class and the card list i might order soon a second lifetime good job its even making better plays then hearthcrawler

Mario27 – Hearthbuddy on Sep 11th 2014:

First of all, thx to the develop team for the awesome product. I’m relatively new here and I have only been using it for a little bit more than a week. I got 3 golden portraits so far. (warrior warlock priest)

cormega – SmartBot on Sep 9th 2014:

Just wanted to say thank you. You managed to deliminate all the bugs and the bot is performing great. Thank you so much! Can be pay already for the bot, I would like to support you.