What’s the best Hearthstone bot in 2015?

There’s only one bot in Hearthstone which beats all others, SmartBot.

SmartBot automatically drafts arena for you, and has the option to play ranked / normal after your arena run. It was developed by the original developer of SmartCC, a Hearthcrawler AI. It is actively updated, and contains all features you will ever need.

Pricing: 1 month for €6, and a lifetime license for €24

For the latest updates check the homepage blog.

Changelog : (since V17.4)


  • AI fully reworked, all cards rescripted. (Tracking still unsupported)
  • AI is now adpated to run on our server, all issues should be fixed (high ping,long calculation time,…)
  • The bot will now correctly reconnect to auth server if ever the connection is lost
  • Hundred of fixes for various cards-Improved stability
  • Fixed emotes
  • Updated injection for x86 systems, it is now as safe as for x64 systems
  • Future Hearthstone updates will be supported (hopefully as quickly as before), so don’t worry, we will be ready for the next adventure : )

Features :

  • Quests
  • Customizable human mode
  • Targeting arrows
  • Automatic arena drafting logic
  • Unranked / Ranked / Arena / Practice
  • Last version of SmartCC included
  • Auto concede (two different modes)
  • Statistics
  • Relogger (image recognition)
  • Custom delay for FastMode
  • Queue after arena
  • External calculation engine (calculation speed x4)
  • Custom profiles
  • Emotes


  • Fixed critical AI issues
  • Fixed coach UI
  • Fixed profiles


  • Tasker fixed
  • Translations fixed (only en/ru/cn for now)
  • Seed files will be created for each calculated board in the /Seeds/ folder, please attach them to your bugs/missplays reports
  • Improved stability
  • Many AI fixes -> i’m updating the AI directly on the server now, so it gets updated everyday.


  • Fixes : Power Word: Shield,Lightning Storm,Dr. Boom,Holy Nova,Flamecannon,Rockbiter Weapon,Fel Reaver,Zombie Chow,Cogmaster’s Wrench,Drain Life,Ice Block,Fireblast,Northshire Cleric,Wild Pyromancer,Light of the Naaru,Kirin Tor Mage,Fel Reaver,Crackle,Feral Spirit,Siltfin Spiritwalker,Stormforged Axe,Mind Shatter,Cenarius,Claw-Better overload management
  • Fixed all effects related to current turn count (ex wild growth)
  • Updated CN translation (thanks Kavid)
  • Added IT translation (thanks und3adrav3n)
  • Improved seed files management


  • Fixes : Unleash the Hounds,Power Overwhelming,Shadow Madness,Nightmare,Ancestral Spirit,Soul of the Forest,Blessing of Wisdom,Kel’Thuzad,Upgraded Repair Bot,Kezan Mystic,Illuminator
  • Reworked from scratch graveyards/enchantments systems, all cards mentionned before should work way better now.
  • Random damages improvements;
  • Resimulate after Ogre brute attacks (+ Mogor the Ogre)
  • AI will try more often to get lethal from ragnaros when there’s at least 30% chances


  • Tweaks/Fixes : Explosive Trap,Freezing Trap,Floating Watcher,Swipe,Cult Master,Doomsayer,Voidcaller,Questing Adventurer,Acidic Swamp Ooze,Poison Seeds,The Coin,Demonfire,Naturalize,Crackle,Knife Juggler,Cogmaster,Baron Rivendare,Kel’Thuzad,Recombobulator,Goblin Blastmage,Hunter’s Mark,Archmage Antonidas,Fireball,Auchenai Soulpriest,Acolyte of Pain,Avenge,Mal’Ganis,Power of the Wild,Raging Worgen,Hex
  • Updated RU translation (thanks impactmelolz)
  • Added random delay during mulligan phase


  • Improved attack sequence stability, it should work perfectly no matter your latency with blizz servers (bot shouldnt miss any attack anymore even with windfury minions and freezing trap issue should be fixed)
  • Improved cards hovering
  • Added mulligan cards hovering routine-Increased max mulligan delay
  • The bot wont use end conditions when current mode is set to arena or arena_auto
  • Fixes/Tweaks : Recombobulator,Earth Shock,Coldlight Oracle,Stalagg,Feugen


  • Coach : Disabled mulligan delay
  • Coach : Resimulate + Overlay button are now part of the overlay itself and will be hidden if the “Overlay” setting is unchecked in bot settings
  • Coach : Hotkey to resimulate : F1-Coach : Fix Overlay
  • Tweaks/Fixes : Hellfire,Doomguard,Nerubian Egg,Malorne


  • Fixes/Tweaks : Guardian of Kings,Knife Juggler,Muster for Battle,Siltfin Spiritwalker,Glaivezooka,Frost Shock,Enhance-o Mechano,Faceless Manipulator,Jeeves,Light of the Naaru,Vol’jin, Abomination,Recombobulator+Shadow madness
  • Fix minions not attacking with Blessing of Wisdom attached
  • Fix daily gold cap
  • Fix Quests issues (bot closing + HS closing when switching back to default deck)
  • Fixed minions attack (not attack routine) for people who have very high latency with blizz servers, shouldn’t miss attacks anymore-Added KR translation (thanks gonilgo)-Updated CN translation (thanks kavid)-Reduced calculation times


  • Fix “ChangeMode” API (tasker + plugin)
  • Tweaks/Fixes : Guardian of Kings,Equality,Unstable Portal,Sorcerer’s Apprentice,Venture Co. Mercenary,Nerub’ar Weblord,Mana Wraith,Knife Juggler,Archmage Antonidas,Boom Bot,Ysera,Muster for Battle,Abusive Sergeant,Ice block
  • Minor improvements
  • Reworked from scratch AoE spell simulation feature
  • Fix “ChangeMode” API (tasker + plugin)
  • Routines improvements
  • Attack action improvements
  • Attack arrows improvements
  • Improved health management
  • Improved enemy’s turn calculation
  • Tweaks/Fixes : Stealth minions, Ragnaros the Firelord,Mana Addict,Neptulon,Archmage Antonidas,Blessing of Wisdom,Holy Wrath,Preparation,Ancient Watcher
  • Fix early game spells value
  • Improved AoE simulation very much, it’s recommended to enable it now, should be stable and prevent the bot to flood the board with useless minions.
  • New plugin API ! New features, hovering, arrows, condede, access to board’s datas …. look at /Plugins/Docs/ folder for more informations and few exemple how to use it.